A modern and safe system for card payments on the internet GP webpay is the most widely used payment gateway in Czech e-shops. It meets the strictest security requirements of MasterCard, VISA and American Express, increases the number of successfully completed orders and works excellently on mobile phones. More about the product >
We see the future lying in shopping and payments by mobile phone The GP webpay payment gateway has been specially created for mobile devices, so that payments using them are fast and completely simple.

It also supports payments using the digital wallet MasterPass and MasterCard Mobile.
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Card payments in the blink of an eye thanks to Fastpay function GP webpay is able to remember the card number and offer it during the next purchase. During subsequent purchases, all that is needed is to enter the three-digit CVC2/CVV2 code, press the “Purchase” button and the purchase is complete! More about the product >
PUSH payments integration speeds up purchase and sale GP webpay allows the merchant to initiate card payments and send them to customers. The customer just clicks on a link in an e-mail from the merchant and the browser is redirected to the payment gateway GP webpay where he can comfortably pay by card. More about the product >
Google Pay now on the payment gateway GP webpay! With Google Pay, you can simply pay by using the payment cards stored in your Google Account.
Payments with Google Pay, as well as payment settlement on your account, work in the same mode as your existing card transactions.
Terms of use of Google Pay
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Does my online store support GP webpay? The necessary plugins are available for the most common e-commerce platforms. The GP webpay is also supported by dozens of other e-commerce providers.
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • VirtueMart
  • osCommerce
  • Gambio
  • Shopware
  • JoomShopping
  • OXID
  • xt:Commerce
  • Zen Cart
Payment gateway for the 21st century ... More about GP webpay >
Payment security is of the utmost importance to us! More about safety >
Payments are fast and simple! More about GP webpay >
GP webpay has been optimised for mobile devices! More about GP webpay >
How can I order the GP webpay payment gateway? All it takes is 4 steps and you can use the most widespread payment gateway in the Czech Republic.
„Choose one of the banks which provide GP webpay and provide it with the necessary information about your e-shop. The bank will inform you about the price and terms of use. Conclude a payment card acceptance contract with your chosen bank. Integrate the GP webpay gateway into your e-shop. We'll provide you with detailed instructions which every programmer can easily follow. Once the functions have been tested, we will launch your payment gateway into the production environment. You will immediately be able to receive card payments!
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Answers to your frequently asked questions ...
Is it possible to accept payments in Euros? Yes. GP webpay not only enables the receipt of payments in Czech crowns and Euros, but also in U.S. dollars, British pounds, Hungarian forints, Polish zloty and Russian roubles. The payment gateway language is automatically adapted to the browser language of customers from abroad.
Which banks provide GP webpay? In the Czech Republic, we cooperate with ČSOB, Komerční banka, Raiffeisenbank and UniCredit Bank. ČSOB SK also provides GP webpay to its Slovak clients.
How are the fees charged for the processed transactions? The customer pays the price for the goods using the payment gateway and this amount is deducted in full from the customer’s account. Your bank will subsequently credit the amount to your account less the amount of the transaction fee. The amount of the fee differs and it fully depends on your agreement with the bank.
When will the money be credited to my account? The bank will usually credit the money to your account on the following workday after the successful completion of the payment made via GP webpay.
How is GP webpay implemented in the e-shop? The client realises the implementation on the basis of the documentation which we provide. This documentation includes all of the necessary information, including the functional scripts in PHP and JAVA. An experienced programmer will be able to implement the payment gateway within 2 - 3 days, including the testing of the system functionality.
How much does it cost to implement and use GP webpay? Each of the banks which provide GP webpay has its own pricing model. It often reflects individual parameters, such as size and type of business. To find out more about the price, fee structure and other terms of use, please contact the banks using these contact details.
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