Let your customers pay in their
home currency with the DCC service!
I am a Merchant
I am a Merchant accepting foreign currencies
I am a Cardholder
For merchants
The DCC service (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is now integrated with the GP webpay payment gateway. How does it work? Based on the card number inserted into the payment page, payment gateway GP webpay recognizes the foreign cardholder and offer DCC service automatically. The cardholder can then choose the payment in her/his home currency or in the currency of merchant.

Benefits to Merchants

New, ongoing revenue stream from every DCC transaction

Offers merchants a competitive edge in the marketplace – the opportunity to attract new international Visa and MasterCard cardholders

Your customers can pay in different currencies, while you can use only one settlement account in your home currency, as till now

Easy to use: GP webpay payment gateway does it all while providing a familiar shopping experience

Payments details of your DCC transactions will be displayed in GP webpay portal, Merchant portal and on your regular statement report

Payment process with DCC

Display of DCC offer – the cardholder chooses her/his transaction currency and submits with “Pay” option.

After the successfully finished payment, the GP webpay payment gateway show the customer receipt. The receipt is shown in a new “pop-up” window. The same receipt is sent also to cardholder’s email address, if it was inserted previously in the payment page.

Note: To show the receipt “pop-up” correctly, some browsers may require adding GP webpay URL address to the list of allowed addresses.

For merchants with foreign currencies
The DCC service can be used without limitation also by merchants, who accept payments in foreign currencies. The payment page with DCC service offer will be displayed only for payments initiated in CZK currency.

What are the advantages of DCC payments compared to the foreign currencies payments?

DCC payment Foreign currency payment

Operation principle

payment is initiated by merchant in CZK

DCC service converts the amount to cardholder’s currency

cardholder pays in his/her currency based on the card

merchant is settled in his currency (CZK)

payment is initiated by merchant in foreign currency

cardholder pays in the currency selected by the merchant

the merchant is settled in the foreign currency

Revenue for the merchant

revenue share from foreign exchange creates new and ongoing revenues


Payments without exchange risk

foreign exchange is provided by payment gateway, who’s provider bears the FX risk

merchant bears the FX risk

Zero costs on exchange and foreign currency accounts administration


merchant pays for the money conversions and for foreign currency accounts administration

Simple administration and accounting

merchant can stay with the one account in his currency (CZK)

does not care about the money conversion from foreign currency accounts

the clearly presented information about the DCC revenue for the merchant are available as a part of regular merchant statement

DCC service supports tens of foreign currencies

merchant must administrate foreign currency account for each supported currency.

the count of supported currencies is limited.

What should be done for the termination of foreign currency payment service for the specific currency and start of the DCC service for the currency?

Ask your sales representative to terminate the foreign currency payment service for a selected currency and start the DCC instead.

For cardholders
Pay in your home currency! Use the DCC service!

Benefits to Cardholders

No more surprises! When paying with DCC on GP webpay, you always exactly know what you pay before the payment confirmation.

Easy to use: The GP webpay payment gateway does it all while providing a familiar shopping experience

The offer of conversion to cardholder’s home currency is done automatically during every purchase

Exchange rates updated daily