A modern and safe system for card payments on the internet

GP webpay payment gateway enables payments using domestic and international cards issued by the Mastercard, VISA, Diners Club and American Express.


The GP webpay payment gateway is supported by a lot of e-shop systems. The necessary plugin is available for the most common systems.

Why should
I enable my customers
to pay by card?

You will increase customer comfort and your revenues, you will receive your money for sold goods more quickly, you will reduce the number of returns.

Paying by card is more convenient, safer and faster than any other payment method.
Card payments are usually credited to the merchant's account on the next business day.
The number of returned orders is significantly lower than when sending cash on delivery, which saves you on costs.

How can I order
the GP webpay
payment gateway?

All it takes is 4 steps and you can use the most widespread payment gateway in the Czech Republic.


What are the advantages of the GP webpay payment gateway?

Easy implementation of the gateway, absolute automation of the sales process and fast payments thanks to the Fastpay function.

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