4 steps and you can
use the most widespread
payment gateway

View the details of the individual steps so that you can use the most widespread payment gateway in the Czech Republic.

1 Bank

Choose one of the banks which provide GP webpay. You can make a non-binding enquiry using the listed contact information.

2 Contract

Once your application has been approved, the bank will conclude a contract governing the provision of GP webpay with you. This part of the process is up to you and your bank. If you provide the bank with all of the requested information and documents, it should be completed without any problems.

3 Setup

You will acquire access to the testing environment where all the instructions for successful implementation of the gateway are available to download. Set up your e-shop according to these instructions so that it can correctly communicate with our payment gateway.

We provide you with an interface, documentation and support, editing the e-shop is up to you
In the manuals and documentation you will find already prepared ones functional scripts in .php and JAVA
If it is not a typical e-shop, cooperation with a programmer is necessary

4 Launch

It is initially necessary to test that the payment gateway has been correctly implemented. If everything is working as it should, activation will take place in the production system.

You will be able to accept card payments from then on.