What are the advantages of the GP webpay payment gateway?

  • Average period from the signing of the contract to the commencement of the acceptance of card payments is usually several days according to the individual parameters of the e-shop.
  • GP webpay can be fully integrated into the e-shop in the form of Web Services and as such it enables the expansive administration of orders from your internal system.
  • GP webpay is able to remember the card number and its expiration date. Subsequent purchases are only confirmed using the 3-digit CVC security code!
  • This tool for the automation of payments which creates a regular “on-line collection“ from a payment card greatly simplifies, for example, the payment of subscriptions.
  • The intuitive web interface simplifies payments and as such increases the share of completed orders. It automatically adapts to the user’s screen and the browser language.
  • GP webpay creates fot the required payment a short link that can be sent to the customer by e-mail/SMS or can be placed on the invoice.